TRASH ART HUNGARY project debuted in May at the International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő with huge sculptures and installations from wastes, and immediately became one of the most successful accompanying events of the festival. Several other Hungarian festivals invited the sculptures during the year. By introducing the art of recycling, the organizers and sponsors of the exhibition aim to bring the attention of the general public to the ecological footprint and our shared responsibility.

The theme of the competition was “Anthropocene – The Age of Man”. The aim was to draw attention to the waste of our modern age and to solve the problems with the artists’ unique vision ! “said Gergely Hankó , the professional leader of Trash Art Hungary Competition.


Trash Art Hungary’s art program has also been unique in Europe with its astonishing and spectacular scenes. In 2017 we invited young artists and art groups to the program. Thanks to them for their fantastic creative work. Numerous Hungarian art and agricultural institutes, and several civil and professional groups have produced an artwork, and 17 sculpture statues were exhibited in Gödöllő. The Ministry of Agriculture was the main supporter of the project and professional partners of the Festival, Hungarian recycling companies and waste management companies provided the raw materials and professional advice to the troops.


The main prize of the competition won by the Students of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs with their play “Children’s Games”, which included 1 million HUF prize money. The Aztakeservit Értékőr Egyesület from Dunaföldvár received the special prize of the competition “No? It also?! … “for Easter Island sculptor. Their prize is a film that presents their plans, activities and missions.

During the year, the exhibition was invited to several venues and festivals of the country. After the Gödöllő Festival, until June 15, it was in the park of the Royal Castle of Gödöllő, then travelled to Tállya, the Kerekdomb Festival, Kapolcs, the Valley of Arts and finally the Art Moments Festival in Budapest.

By the end of the year the statues arrived in their final places, in the cities/towns of the creative groups, and the metal sculptures were exhibited at the park of Inter-Metal Recycling Ltd. at Budafoki Street, as the first pieces of the sculpture park planned there. It is planned that the metal sculptures of the Trash Art project in the coming years will be exhibited here.

Hundreds of thousands were seen the Trash Art sculptures between May and November 2017, due to their uniqueness. Following the social media sites appr. 2 million people met the exhibition and the message of the program, the importance of recycling, the role of man and his own ecological footprint.

2018 PLANS


Trash Art Hungary’s 2018 theme will be “Biodiversity”. The program will be launched nationwide on November 15th. Entry is open and free for all, all nominators and teams will be assisted by mentors and patrons with art, professional advice and, of course, materials, if required. Amateur and art groups will be awarded several prizes.


The first exhibition will be set up in Gödöllő again, on May 24, 2018, as an accompanying program of the International Nature Film Festival, and will be shown at several other venues in the country.


The Hungarian Ecodesign and Ecosculptor groups and creators joined the Gödöllő programs and presented their recycling, usage and art products at the Royal Palace of Gödöllő at their own show.


The Last Day of the Festival – Sunday will be the Gala of Environmental Protection Programs, with presentations and prizes.


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