Trash Art Hungary 2019

Trash Art Hungary 2019


The Art of Recycling


The Trash Art Hungary art program had its debut at the International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő with huge statues and installations. The novel style, prospective and tools made seemingly worthless trash reborn as a piece of art in the national travelling exhibition suprising and amusing people at the same time. The statues were created by university students of technical, agricultural and art faculties and volunteers of NGOs and professional organizations. We are waiting for participants from organizations, universities and schools from all over the country.

The program continues in 2019, this time ’Water’ – the principle of our existence and future – is in the focus.

The aim of the project

The objective is to focus people’s attention to the management and recycling of trash that is one of the most important issues of our age.

We are in a special situation. We are shaping our environment, we are responsible for biodiversity. Humankind’s impact on our planet is so decisive that we are playing key role in its future. Only 20-30% of trash is recycled in Hungary currently, more than half of it (58%) ends up in rubbish dumps. This proportion should be reversed as soon as possible by selecting and recycling more and more. In Hungary, we produce one kilo of trash per person every day. This is quite a frightening figure, however, it can be reduced easily.

Trash can be of value, we can save 30% of what we are putting in trash cans if the background recycling systems work properly. The necessary infrastructure is being developed. With the help of statues, information and brochures TRASH ART HUNGARY aims to raise awareness to values hidden in recyclable materials. We need to recognise and evaluate it, then recycle as much as we can on a high level. We would like to share and pass on this attitude to as many people as we can reach.

Our statues are ambassadors of the environment. Their message is that instead of waste and consumption euphoria, it is environmental awareness that provides long term solutions for homo sapiens sapiens (wise man).


The theme of 2019 is ’WATER’

Water is a substantial element of all living organisms on Earth; cultures have developed and disappeared because of the appearance or the absence of it. It is a part of our everyday lives, let’s think about sports, works or holidays, do not mention that our body is mostly made up from water.

The human during its existence is constantly using water and contaminating it too, which destroys this essential material. The biggest challenge of the XXI. century is to protect the aboveground waters, the water habitats and the drinking-water supply.

The project gives free hand to the creators for the adaptation of this theme. The flora and fauna of water-water habitats, the role and/or the power of water, the environment protection and etc. can be displayed throughout the project.



Trash Art Hungary 2019



Entry is free of charge and opened to everyone without age limit. We are waiting applicants from amateur or artist category with the fully filled online registration form which involves the description of the statue’s plan and its drawing, sketch. Individual pieces and groups of figures can be displayed as well. One person or group can send more applications as well. Only outdoor artworks are accepted for the application.


  • Amateur (individulas, groups, NGOs or students of higher education)
  • Artist/professionals (possesses art education with a degree or a recognized artist)

Entry period: November 15, 2018 – February 28, 2019

Requirements for statues / installations

Measurements: They can be 2-2.5 meter tall and a maximum of 4 m² at the foundation (the technical solutions must be co-ordinated and cross-checked).

Materials: Any material can be used (metal, glass, plastic, wood…) Every team choses the elements and pieces he makes the installation from. Statues can have a frame that holds them together, but the framework must be made from recyclable material as well.

On demand, teams can receive raw material from the town’s waste management company or the supporting companies.


Safety is of special importance. Stability and shock protection must be checked before finishing and displaying the artpiece. Statues will be moved and transported so they must be stable and easily transportable or easily taken into smaller pieces. It will be checked in case of every installation selected for the exhibition. Pieces that do not meet these criteria will not be displayed! When designing, it is important to make sure that the fewest glue and rigid polyurethane foams are used! The jury will take this into account in the evaluation.



28 February 2019: a pályázatok (tervek) benyújtásának végső határideje

10 March 2019: a pályázók kiértesítése, hogy bekerültek-e a versenyprogramba

21 March – 15 May 2019: statues making, consultations with the mentors. After the selection, the applicants will have the possibility to consult with the mentors. The name of the selected applicants will be displayed on on 20 March.

15 May 2019, pre-jury: visiting, surveying the finished statues on-the-spot, selecting the best artpieces for the Trash Art Hungary exhibition as a part of the International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő.

24 May 2019: setting up the selected artpieces in Gödöllő, at the spots of the Festival.

26 May 2019: announcement of the results, award ceremony


According to the professional jury, in the two categories, the best candidates will be rewarded with valuable prizes, individually 700 000 HUF. Besides these, the jury will be awarded more artpieces with the total amount of 600 000 HUF.

The award ceremony will take place on the closing day of the International Nature Film Festival on Sunday, 26 May 2019 in Gödöllő.

The appearance of statues and exhibitions

The works selected by the jury will be available from 31 March 2019 at and website. The open-air artworks selected for the exhibition (as usual) will be presented for the first time on May 24, 2019 as an accompanying program of the International Nature Film Festival in Gödöllő’s parks and in the garden of the Royal Palace, and from August they will be displayed in the Art Zone of the Sziget Festival. The advertiser reserves the right to choose the artworks which should enter the national traveling exhibition. The selected statues will be the property of the Trash Art Hungary.

At the end of the traveling exhibition, depending on their quality, the sculptures can be exhibited or recycled and, at the request of the creative or waste company, they can take it to their own city or location.



Spread the news, be creative, draw attention to the importance of recycling with the help of art. Be the messengers of the next generation!


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