‘Water’ The Art of Recycling
The Trash Art Hungary art program had its debut at the International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő with huge statues and installations. The novel style, prospective and tools made seemingly worthless trash reborn as a piece of art in the national travelling exhibition suprising and amusing people at the same time. The statues were created by university students of technical, agricultural and art faculties and volunteers of NGOs and professional organizations. We are waiting for participants from organizations, universities and schools from all over the country.

The program continues in 2019, this time ’Water’ – the principle of our existence and future – is in the focus.

The aim of the project

The objective is to focus people’s attention to the management and recycling of trash that is one of the most important issues of our age.

We are in a special situation. We are shaping our environment, we are responsible for biodiversity. Humankind’s impact on our planet is so decisive that we are playing key role in its future. Only 20-30% of trash is recycled in Hungary currently, more than half of it (58%) ends up in rubbish dumps. This proportion should be reversed as soon as possible by selecting and recycling more and more. In Hungary, we produce one kilo of trash per person every day. This is quite a frightening figure, however, it can be reduced easily.

Trash can be of value, we can save 30% of what we are putting in trash cans if the background recycling systems work properly. The necessary infrastructure is being developed. With the help of statues, information and brochures TRASH ART HUNGARY aims to raise awareness to values hidden in recyclable materials. We need to recognise and evaluate it, then recycle as much as we can on a high level. We would like to share and pass on this attitude to as many people as we can reach.

Our statues are ambassadors of the environment. Their message is that instead of waste and consumption euphoria, it is environmental awareness that provides long term solutions for homo sapiens sapiens (wise man).


Tamás Székelyhidi


Gergely Hankó 

KSZGYSZ professional consultant

Viktória Doró

professional relations

Mala Bence
Bence Mala

exhibition organizer


Bedő Károlyné
Károlyné Bedő
Environmental Policy Consultant, Climate Officer
Dr. Wégner Krisztina
Dr. Krisztina Wégner
MÁV Zrt. Environmental leader
Vitányi Márton
Márton Vitányi
Inter-Metál Recycling Kft.
Reök Cecília
Cecília Reök
Eco-Artist, Eco-Design Team Founder, “Art For Future” –
Nemzetközi Zöldág Fesztivál Artistic Leader
Varga Zoltán Zsolt
Zoltán Zsolt Varga
Újváry Tamás
Tamás Újváry
Director of the Royal Castle of Gödöllõ
Szinvai Pál - szobrász
Pál Szinvai
Kaszás Gábor - művészettörténész
Gábor Kaszás
art historian

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